My story

 My name is Franz Fraisl


I was born in the year 1969.

Because of my grandfather and also my Father were passioned fisherman so I was introduced in fishing with three years.   In the age of 4 I was  obliged to catch my first trout. So I has been addicted since then.


My profession is mechanic, instrument mechanic, engineer for mechanics and economics. For 32 years i have been working as a professional in several positions as an engineer.   Today I work as a teacher in an institute for higher education at the HTL Dornbirn.

Flyfishing is,  and it allways will be , among other nice Things,  one of the most enjoying amusements in my life. Espacially as all the beautiful sceneries are right in front of my door.


Flyfishing is my passion and of course my  attitude towards my life. Regarding my age i can tell that my flyfishing puperty  is long ago. But this doesn't affect my passion for flyfishing.

I'd like to cite  Norman Mclean in his novell: "A river runs through it .....and I am hauted by waters" 


 Of course I share my passion with many others. But this doesn't mean that I share alle their philosophy regarding flyfishing. My attatude has changed in the number of years in a way that I don't have to catch and finally to kill every fish I spot.

Of Course I like to catch a big one from time to time. Admittedly with more placidness and muse.  I share my times when flyfishing of course with friends. I am very pleased if i can show them a good fish in the water.   "You have 5 cast my friend!". 


If my buddy is able to hook the fish I am going to help him and net it. Afterwards I am pleased the same way like my like my friend holding an nice trout in his hands before putting it back to its enviroment. Of course after taking a picture.


My passion has brought me to many destinations all around the planet. One of my favorits is Norway.  Norway not only for fishing. Norway is the home of my norwegan family which is reason enough for me to visit. I have been fishing in Canada as well. Which ist the home of my Canadian family.  ( Yukon,BC, Alberta).  I have been also in Sweden, England, German, Italy and of course to many enchanting places in Austria






I am very pleased to hear from you and to get in contact. So please don't hesitate and get in contact with me.


I speak German an english.  Jeg snakker lit norsk!  





Tight lines an dry socks




Prehistoric an personals

Komme gerade von meinem ersten Fischgang 1971

07.10.1987  Regenbogen aus dem Alpenrhein

August 2000   Ashihik Lake "the mosquito capital of the Yukon"